Destroyer Australis
Blackthrashers Deströyer 666 return to active service later this year, with a new album, Never Surrender set for release through Season of Mist on December 2nd!

Never Surrender sees the band continue to do what they are best at: kicking ass and hammering out heavy metal that is slamming straight into the face. There is no compromise, no sell out, no bullshit as the outlaws from down under deliver another pummelling and relentless lesson in aggression with full length number 6(66). Never Surrender is a furious assault of blackthrash: chainsaw riffs, warlike drums, and not a moment of respite as it rages on for forty unyielding minutes.

The album was recorded and mixed by Javi Félez at Moontower Studios in Terrassa, Spain between May 9 and June 10, 2021 with some finishing touches completed at Lupercalia Studio. Mastering was undertaken by Patrik Engel at Temple Of Disharmony.

Dead City Australis

Melbourne hard rockers Dead City Ruins will be playing two massive shows in November to support the recent release of their fourth studio album, Shockwave.

Straight off the back of supporting the hottest band in the world Kiss, the hottest band from Croydon bring their incendiary live show to life for two exclusive performances in Sydney and Melbourne!

Following their much acclaimed third album Never Say Die in 2018, Shockwave not only introduced new vocalist, Steve Welsh, but also showcased the band’s exceptional songwriting talent and high voltage rock ’n’ roll at its best!

As Shockwave proves, Dead City Ruins don’t just have a penchant for songwriting, but also arrangements and the right energy. Formed in 2012, the band sold their belongings and went all-in when it comes to rock ’n’ roll. Tirelessly touring the planet, the band has managed to capture the hearts of its audience gig by gig – much like Rival Sons, Monster Truck, and similar trailblazers of their generation have. They also share a list of influences with these acts, namely Deep Purple, Guns N’ Roses and Led Zeppelin. Their goal: bring rock ’n’ roll back to the people, and there is no doubt about it, they will!

The band comment on the upcoming shows:”These are the biggest, most ambitious shows on home soil to date with new surprises, New blood, New Riffs and new power. Crack a beer and crank it up!

Friday, November 11: The Factory Floor, Sydney
Saturday, November 12: Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Cult Australis
Sydney alt-rockers Start Your Own Cult have just released their anthemic new single The Marionette. With lyrical themes of manipulation and corruption, The Marionette unveils a darker, more sinister edge honing in on the trio’s outstanding songwriting chops. Featuring emotive vocal hooks, vibrant synth arrangements and a dynamic rhythm section, the immersive track draws the listener in from the opening note to the closer. Vocalist Sarah Bernardo delivers dynamic vulnerabilities by contrasting heat laden belts with softer passes complete with rich harmonies.

Bernardo on the new release: “Over the events of yet another lockdown Josh, our guitarist had an idea to have a song focused on the idea of someone having control over us; thus the idea of The Marionette was born.It was written in what felt like a darker time of my existence and even more so by many people who surrounded me. I was witnessing so many friends and family become consumed by the media headlines. Which was heavily influencing their opinions and outlook on their lives. It really shocked me how click bait content fuelled everyone’s opinions and as I watched the people I cared about most, turn against each other. It took me a while to really evaluate how invested I wanted to be in what I was reading online, in a world where misleading information was so easily accessible. I just wasn’t coping well with it and naturally as a songwriter, I needed to release some of my thoughts and feelings. I learned a lot more about myself when I chose to separate how invested I was in other people’s views, rather focusing on what was immediately affecting me vs worrying about how other people react to what is put out into the world. “

Though new to the scene, Start Your Own Cult have been capturing attention of fans and industry professionals alike. Their singles such as Dead Drugs  and Ghost of California have been garnering national coverage and airplay with features on many of Australia’s key platforms, amassing over ninety thousand Spotify streams and being added to well over two hundred Spotify playlists.

The group’s live shows are oozing with electricity and charisma which has seen them sell out venues and perform alongside such names as Bad Moon Born, FANGZ and Catholic Guilt, as well as securing their upcoming appearances at Sonic Gravy Fests and headlining The Marionette 2022 East Coast Tour. Fresh out of the studio with a plethora of innovative new material, Start Your Own Cult are an up and coming act with a bright future ahead and we can’t wait to see where The Marionette takes them.

Priorities Australis

Melbourne metalcore newcomers Priorities just unveiled their crushing new single No Gods, No Kings. Merging elements of deathcore and metalcore with swathes of hardcore into a kaleidoscope of brutality, No Gods, No Kings treats the listeners to superbly tight instrumentation, gut-punching riffs, catastrophic breakdowns and mellifluous leads. Vocalist Mitch Sigge delivers powerful melodies from the deepest depths of inhumane gutturals to convey themes of control and dictatorship in a way that sends shivers down your spine.

No Gods, No Kings would have to be my favorite songs” explains Sigge,”It’s a bouncy high energy song that always gets everyone in the band revved up. Lyrically the song talks about coming to terms unknowingly being under someone else’s control and trying to find a way to break free from it. It also has a couple of cheeky references to the video game Bioshock sprinkled in there, as that story also deals with (spoilers, but it came out in like 2008 so you’re a bit late to the party if you’re finding this out through me) not knowing your under someone else’s control until you are far to deep.”

Though new to the scene, Priorities have already taken the Australian music scene by storm with their unique and passion-filled take on traditional metalcore. The group has been garnering national coverage and have performed alongside Furious George, Suspyria, Caution: Thieves, Catalyst, NTH RD, Druid and more. With more new music and upcoming shows in the works, we are excited to see the new era of Priorities unfold.