Cali Terror
Ninety minutes south of Sydney, in Wollongong, is where you’ll find some of the strongest rock in Australia. Following the likes of fast favourites Hockey Dad, The Vanns and The Terrys, Satin Cali make it hard to remember a time when they weren’t slinging their signature open-air sound to ears around the nation. Their new single One of These Days underlines why their popularity continues to grow…

“One of these days is about believing in your goals and sticking to your guns, no matter what obstacle is in front of you. We decided to chill this song out sonically a bit more than some of previous releases, while keeping that Satin Cali grit relevant throughout. A lot of that magic we can credit Jack Nigro for too. Super pumped for this next release! Easily our best work yet” Zac, Satin Cali.

Satin Cali have an eye watering resume, with a string of sold-out headline shows under their belt including three headline UniBar (Wollongong) shows, a headline North Gong Hotel show, and The Leadbeater Hotel (Melbourne) to name a few. In addition to this, Satin Cali played main support to the largely sold-out The Terrys  Terrysonic Mixtape National tour. It’s clear that the boys from Wollongong have a sound that Aussies want to hear, having already shared the stage with The Debbies, Baker’s Eddy, The Terrys and Highline.

Satin Cali have released visuals for One of These Days, showcasing coastal joy and the band’s camaraderie. It features the boys rocking out in various locations, including a lighthouse, boat and football stadium. Watch the video here!

Terror Paradise

Brisbane metal outfit As Paradise Falls (known commonly as APF) have released their new EP, Madness/Medicine – watch the video for a track from the EP, Captain Hero, below!

Danny Kenneally from the band says of the EP ‘We pushed ourselves to create a collection of songs that pushed every boundary of our genre yet kept things fresh and unique in every song. As a collection of music, you haven’t heard anything like this before… This EP represents the aggression we feel has been missing from a lot of modern heavy music, it represents years of frustration with ourselves, the world and the start of something new for us.’

Taking influence from modern grime and hip-hop and fusing it with some old school deathcore and a futuristic outlook, APF may have redefined what the Australian metal scene is capable of with this new release.

With a tumultuous history that would have seen the end of almost any band, APF have powered through the tragic loss of a band mate and the resulting exodus of most of their members to finally solidify as a formidable duo that has produced what some regard as the future of Australian heavy music.

Bursting onto the metal scene in 2014 with their debut EP, Save Yourself, which broke into the iTunes Metal chart at number five, APF took Australia by storm on their first national tour and quickly followed up with a run through New Zealand and additional runs across their home country throughout 2015.

In November 2015, while the band was recording their second album with producer Shane Edwards (Northlane, Trophy Eyes, Hellions) at Karma Sound Studios in Thailand, they were invited to support I Killed the Prom Queen in Bangkok. The night before the show, guitarist Glen Barrie tragically passed away in his sleep, leading the remaining band members to leave the album unfinished, and take some time to grieve the loss of their brother.

In early 2016, the band regrouped and added vocalist Shaun Coar and by the end of the year, they finished Digital Ritual, keeping Glen’s performance on the album, and thereby preserving his legacy.

In 2017 APF joined forces with US label Eclipse Records to release their debut album Digital Ritual which took the industry by surprise with a diverse collection that was heavy at the heart whilst exploring the diversity of the metal and metalcore genres. Touring Australia multiple times and performing with the likes of Miss May I (USA), the first album from As Paradise Falls gained traction and was a hit with their fans with the lead single ‘Dead Message’ clocking up over three hundred thousand spins on spotify.

In mid 2018 APF dropped off of the radar and halted the progress of the band with no explanation. In the next year or so the members of APF would take a timeout to grieve the loss of their brother Glen Barrie and do some soul searching on their future both personally and as a band.

By mid 2019 it was clear that APF would be left with the founding member Danny Kenneally and rejoining him would be original vocalist Ravi Sherwell. Together as a two piece, they wrote the future sound of APF with no boundaries and no rules, just raw emotion poured into the music to conceive their 2020 single Bleed For The Crown and forge a new breed of heavy music.

After the successful release of Bleed For The Crown in 2020, 2021 Brought in a new concept for APF. The idea was to channel the raw emotion and make heavy music aggressive again. The raw aggression is something they believed was missing from modern day heavy music, something that UK Grime artists were capturing better than heavy artists.

With the influence of this modern grime & hip-hop, old school deathcore and a futuristic look on how their music should be perceived, Danny and Ravi created the Madness/Medicine EP off of the back of Bleed For The Crown; A five track EP that could define what a two piece band is capable of.

APF teamed up with long time friend and producer  Edwards at Studio 28 in Thailand where the five tracks were transformed into a modern day monster. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Danny was unable to travel for the mixing/mastering process and resorted to utilising Facetime and streaming from his home studio to assist with the final process of the EP.

APF is Danny Kenneally & Ravi Sherwell. APF is a band that has redefined what the Australian metal scene is capable of, and the Madness/Medicine EP is a new breed of metal/deathcore that has raised a new archetype for heavy music.

Overcoming Terror
Melbourne Soloist The Overcoming Project just dropped his crushing new single Victory, featuring world class musicians Mike Heller of Fear Factory and Raven on the drum stool and vocalist Jon Howard of Threat Signal. Victory is a triumphant closer to the Determination trilogy, created, as a cathartic release of personal trauma surrounding immigration, a Doctorate degree and Type I Diabetes.

Featuring a relentless and ominous mix of death and doom inspired riffage, spine shrinking breakdowns and fast paced grooves bolstering Howard’s dissonant growls, Victory is sure to please even the most stubborn listeners.

“Victory is the best, most sincere and cathartic song that I have ever written” explains the project’s Dr Mike Trubetskov, “It came after a psychedelic event in which I faced the past trauma in full and crushed away its continuing impact. After this, my life resolved into finally securing a permanent visa in Australia – and further growth and success in general. Hence, Victory shows how the choice to move forward or stagnate is ultimately and only yours.”

Though new to the scene, The Overcoming Project has already made some considerable waves in the eyes of fans and industry professionals alike. Their current and previous body of work has been garnering global coverage and airplay with features across the Globe. With the release of Victory bringing the Determination trilogy to a satisfying close, we can’t wait to see what’s next for The Overcoming Project.