This band means business. Founded by guitarist Jeffrey Donovan, who is joined by lead vocalist Mark Prudeaux, bassist Frankie Yanno and drummer David Carbajal (although the drum tracks were actually laid down by session musician and friend Adam Ponce), The Guitar and Whiskey Club has been active since 2016 but changed focus to be an all original band when the pandemic hit. Jeffrey Donovan reflects, “The pandemic was hell. Gigs were cancelled, studios closed, everyone was locked in their houses. Some of the members suffered from what I call ‘pandecitis’, a lack of inspiration and the will to continue”

Set for release on 11 November and distributed via The Orchard/Sony Music, the EP kicks off with Rebel Fire; you’re immediately struck by how powerful lead vocalist Mark Prudeaux is. The track itself is an ode to non-conformity, describing the trials of living a life committed to the notion of “music against all odds” and the hardships that accompany that mindset. It’s a passion that only musicians understand. Second song on offer, Sleazy is a crowd-rousing anthem of the highest order. Lyrics rooted in bad decisions and living life beyond its limits …well, the title alone should clue you in on the matter at hand, while I Know is a powerful nod to the sing-a-long anthems of the eighties, with a storyline that revolves around the death of a romantic relationship. Both parties need to move on yet they retain their love in the form of a bonded friendship. With Does Your Dog Bite, the band delivers some humorous lyrical content while bringing some musical swagger to the party. The record draws to a close with Lone Cowboy, a more Southern rock-based whiskey fueled grinder, telling the timeless tale of the loneliness the road brings to a cowboy (or musician or …) as he continuously spends long stretches of time away from home.

The band play out as often as possible and have recently shared the stage with the likes of LA Guns, Jack Russell’s Great White, Stephen Pearcy, Pretty Boy Floyd , D’Molls and Accept with many more shows on the way.