The Rods, the iconic New York heavy metal band that has been synonymous with unbridled energy and raw power since 1979, has returned with their latest offering, Rattle The Cage. A ten-track powerhouse, this album is a sonic journey that reaffirms The band’s mastery of the metal genre and serves as a testament to their enduring legacy.

The album kicks off with the anthemic Now And Forever, setting the tone with thunderous drums and searing guitar riffs. It’s a bold proclamation that The Rods are here to stay, and they’re ready to conquer. The song’s infectious energy immediately draws listeners into the world of Rattle The Cage, leaving no room for hesitation.

Wolves At The Door follows, showcasing the band’s signature blend of tight musicianship and catchy melodies. The track is a rollercoaster of intensity, with David “Rock” Feinstein‘s guitar work reaching new heights and Carl Canedy’s drumming providing the driving force behind the relentless momentum.

Cry Out Loud gives a nod Feinstein’s cousin Ronnie James Dio and fellow New York natives Manowar, delivering a message of hope and resilience in the face of a turbulent world. The Rods prove that their musical prowess is not only about sheer power but also about weaving deep, insightful narratives into their compositions. The emotional depth in Feinstein’s vocals and the evocative guitar work elevate this track to a standout moment on the album.

The title track, Rattle The Cage, is a sonic storm, unleashing the full force of The Rods’ musical prowess. The rhythm section propels the song forward with unrelenting force, while Feinstein’s guitar work is a masterclass in metal riffage. The lyrics echo a rebellious spirit, inviting listeners to break free from constraints and embrace the chaos—a theme that resonates throughout the album.

As the album progresses, each track reinforces the band’s musical evolution. Can’t Slow Down is a testament to their unyielding energy, Metal Highways takes a nostalgic journey down the roads of metal’s roots, and Hell Or High Water delivers a punchy, aggressive sound that refuses to be ignored, in the process again revisiting the spirit of Dio. New bassist Freddy Villano plays a key role here with his pounding four string attack.

Play It Loud is a rallying cry, both in title and spirit, encapsulating the ethos of The Rods. The track encourages listeners to embrace the loud, unfiltered essence of rock—a fitting anthem for a band that has consistently done just that throughout their career.

Shockwave introduces a sense of urgency with its relentless, almost thrashy tempo and electrifying guitar work. The closing track, Hearts Of Steel,  rounds out the album in similarly up-tempo fashion – just how fans of the band like it.

In conclusion, Rattle The Cage is a triumphant return for The Rods, a band that refuses to be confined by the limitations of time or trends. Each track on the album is a testament to the band’s enduring passion for their craft and their unwavering commitment to the essence of heavy metal. With its explosive energy, impeccable musicianship, and a perfect balance of ferocity and finesse, Rattle The Cage stands as a testament to The Rods’ indomitable spirit and their continued relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of heavy metal. This album is not just a collection of songs; it’s a declaration that The Rods are still here, still rocking, and ready to rattle the very foundations of the metal genre.

Rattle The age Releases on January 19th.