Literally hundreds of Sentinel Daily-friendly albums have been released thus far in 2023, and we’ve reviewed well over a hundred of those  – which ones did you the readers like best? Well, crack open a can of something soothing n’frothy and get ready cos we’re about to find out… Here are our top twenty albums this year so far as defined by your readership!

20. NecrofierBurning Shadows In The Southern Night (Season of Mist)
“Bullseye! in all honestly there isn’t a moment on the record that won’t have you catching your breath and revelling in the splendour of it all. Some albums are made simply to wallow in – and this is one of them”. – Michael Stronge, 16/05/23

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19. Small Town Saviours Small Town Saviours (Own Label)
Small Town Saviours
“This is full-on, unbridled rock n’roll mania, people, and it looks and feels suspiciously like the real thing!”. – Scott Adams, 03/01/23

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18. Wolves In WinterThe Calling Quiet (Argonauta Records)
Wolves In Winter
“Despite only forming a couple of years ago, UK doomists Wolves In Winter present as a fully-formed, fully realised and pretty special unit on the debut full-length The Calling Quiet”. – SA, 14/02/23

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17. EkromUten Nådigst Formildelse (Edged Circle Productions)
Ekrom Top Thirty
Uten Nådigst Formildelse exists out of nothing more than a desire to create something meaningful, and that’s the best reason of all to support it.”. – Jeff Tandy, 08/05/23

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16. Blak29The Waiting (Cleopatra Records)
“All killer, no filler; and, at the end of the day, for all the dissection on influences and inspirations, a record that is just so goddamn enjoyable to listen to that it transcends criticism.” – MS, 21/02/23

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15. TemtrisKhaos Divine (Wormholedeath)
“Indubitably the best Temtris album we’ve been given yet, from a band who, seven albums in to a near-quarter century career, still manage to go from strength-to-strength.” – Gavin Strickmann, 09/03/23

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14. Mötley CrüeCrücial Crüe: The Studio Albums 1981-1989 (BMG)
Mötley Crüe
“Truth is, this vinyl album box set is a great way to hear how good these records sound and is also a great way to get reacquainted with how great these albums really are.” – Leeno Dee, 24/01/23

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13. MedevilMirror In The Darkness (Own Label)
“There is not one second wasted here as the band deliver one of the most compelling, absorbing albums I’ve heard in quite some while.” – GS, 28/02/23

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12. Grand RoyaleWelcome To Grime Town (The Sign Records)
Grand Royale
“From second one Grand Royale take you by the scruff of the neck, and show you what the phrase ‘good time’ means time and again in no uncertain fashion..” – SA, 27/02/23

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11. Cold DropCold Drop (Lion’s Pride Music)
Cold Drop
“A fabulously well-executed mix, and one that you’ll find yourself returning to again and again to wallow in the sheer fun of roustabout rockers like Sweet Lucille.” – GS, 31/01/23

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10. MillenniumThe Sign Of Evil (No Remorse Records)
“Millennium have put together a very listenable album that’s rooted in their NWoBHM legacy for sure, whilst also acknowledging vocalist Mark Duffy‘s thrash dabblings and throwing a heap of newer influences into the mix to create a rather nice sound indeed..” – GS, 26/04/23

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9. DeadBlondeStarsMetamorphosis (Own Label)
Dead Blonde Stars
“There’s a lot to like about this record, and DeadBlondeStars in general, They’re certainly a name to keep an eye on for the future, but in the meantime they’ve given us a pretty good calling card to be going on with..” – GS, 10/01/23

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8. Blood Moon WeddingBlood Moon Wedding – An American Nightmare (Mobilization Recordings)
Blood Moon Wedding
Steve Lake and Mia Dean’s voices – the one serviceable at best, the other downright Angelic – were clearly made to work together, despite the pair being a World away from one another in their past creative lives, and it really feels like a privilege to be invited into this world they’ve created. Come one, come all – it doesn’t matter what sort of music you like normally, this is something you really need to here”. – SA, 06/03/23

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7. TekstiTV 666Vapauden Tasavalta (Svart Records)
Teksti-TV 666
“This is truly energising music, important music, and it’s fabulous to listen to in an age where most ‘alternative’ music exists entirely and very safely within the mainstream and seems happy to do so. Teksti-TV 666 are outsiders, and their strange and beautiful music deserves to be celebrated.”. – MS, 03/02/23

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6. Sleep of MonstersΓΓΓ (Svart Records)
Sleep Of Monsters
“It’s clear that Sleep of Monsters are producing, important, substantial music here; Ghost have proven that occult music doesn’t need to be impenetrable to the untutored ear, and on ΓΓΓ you’ll find some of the most accessible occult rock ever committed to tape. On all levels this is a great success.” – MS, 21/04/23

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5. StonetripRun Free (Golden Robot Records)
“For all the musical dexterity on show, it’s the songwriting that’s the key to Run Free’s success; At thirteen songs in length, the danger might be that the album collapses under it’s own weight; however every song keeps things tight, economical and energised, meaning that you’ll never get the chance to get bored. These guys clearly know what they are at when it comes to making a very listenable record..” – SA, 07/03/23

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4. HostIX (Nuclear Blast)
“At it’s best (the superb duo of Tomorrow’s Sky and Hiding From Tomorrow) the pair transport you back to about 1983, fusing the worlds of synthpop and post-punk into an easy-to digest package, in the process reminding you what master songwriters they really are…” – MS, 09/02/23

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3. StargazerLife Will Never Be The Same (Mighty Music)
“Seriously, there are some righteous tunes going down here…This is hard rock as it used to be made, loud and proud, nothing more nothing less, and you’re gonna lap up every second of it when you get the chance…” – GS, 10/02/23

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2. Hanoi RocksOriental Beat (40th Anniversary Re(al)Mix) (Svart Records)
Hanoi Rocks
“With this version of Oriental Beat, the remaining members of Hanoi Rocks themselves were involved in the remixing process, and they got it right. Oriental Beat – 40th Anniversary Re(al)Mix – the reissue’s full title – shows just how good the original album should have sounded.. It’s sonically a pleasure to listen to. The songs emerge from their previous existence as flat and struggling to break through a sonic straitjacket, to three-dimensional rip snorting bastards.” – LD, 03/03/23

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All of which means our half-year, Readers Choice album of 2023 is…

1. Hawkwind The Future Never Waits (Cherry Red)
“On their thirty fifth studio album, and with band leader Dave Brock approaching his mid eighties, Hawkwind have surely earned the right to do whatever they like. Which, to certain extent, is just what they do… A truly immersive piece of work that reveals more of itself with each listen, it’s easily – to my fevered mind at least – the best thing this band has come up with in decades. Bravo!” – MS, 05/04/23

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