Following a series of fantastically well-received live dates, both in the UK and Europe, Thunderstick are back with new recordings. Led by the NWoBHM icon, Barry Graham Purkis (aka Thunderstick), and fronted by the mesmerising lead vocalist, Raven Blackwing, the band have recorded a brand-new studio album which is set for release in October 2023. Available in both CD and digital formats, it will be the band’s first new studio album since 2017.

A single from the album, a thunderous new studio recording of the band’s long-time stage favourite Go Sleep With The Enemy (I Dare Ya), is released on 25th August.

Lead singer Raven Blackwing: “I, along with the rest of the band, wanted to show that the material on the new album follows an altogether weightier vein. Releasing a single from the album in the form of a song that people already know and love played live seemed a perfect way of introducing everyone to our new direction. I hope you love it the way we do.”

Thunderstick’s alter ego and creator Barry Graham Purkis adds: “The single Go Sleep With The Enemy (I Dare Ya) is a four-minute tale of infidelity and the wrath of a woman spurned. Although released before on the album Something Wicked This Way Comes and as a track on the very limited-edition EP The Singles, I wanted to re-visit this particular track by way of demonstrating the heavier aspects of the new band that make up the forthcoming album. I felt this track was the ideal vehicle to do that.”

“With the new album now completed and ready for an October release I am of the opinion that the collection of songs on it are the strongest Thunderstick have ever recorded.”

Best known for his time with Samson and an early version of Iron Maiden, Barry Graham Purkis (AKA Thunderstick) has been the legendary icon for the NWoBHM scene since the late 1970s. His eponymously-named band, renowned for its female-fronted power rock and theatricality, have a considerable heritage. The band played live and recorded for six years, both in UK and in the US, throughout the 1980s until playing their last gig in October 1986.

Then in 2016 former lead vocalist, Jodee Valentine, tragically died following a five-year battle with early onset Alzheimer’s. In recognition of Jodee’s memory Barry decided to record some of the songs that Jodee had performed live. This became the Something Wicked This Way Comes album, the first Thunderstick product in over thirty years. It was released in July 2017 to enthusiastic reviews worldwide.

Barry: “Back in 2017 after the Something Wicked… album was released I had no intention of forming a live performing band or indeed a follow-up studio album but after such positive encouragement from both long- time supporters and new followers alike I realised that there were still an audience of many out there that wanted our particular brand of mayhem. The die was cast. After much deliberation a new Thunderstick was formed staying true to its theatrical roots but still relevant in today’s fast changing-musical environment. I am so lucky to have found the musicians that I now work with especially Raven of whom I consider to be one of the finest rock singers that I have the good fortune to watch and listen to every time we perform. She is the ‘real deal’ both in terms of voice and stagecraft. The next chapter in our story is now ready for the writing.”

Raven Blackwing (Vocals)
Pete Pinto (Guitars)
Dave Butters (Guitars)
Rex Thunderbolt (Bass)
Thunderstick/Barry Graham Purkis (Drums)