Some may say they dug too greedily and too deep… so deep they made it all the way Down Under! This is Wind Rose, The Tuscan warriors have been bringing high fantasy to metal since 2009, and reached ultimate notoriety with their face-smelting rendition of Diggy Diggy Hole. The video for the track has been played an astonishing forty six million times!

There’s far more to these power metal maestros however, which they will prove on their extensive tour of eight dates across the Southern realms with a career-spanning set, including tracks from their latest release, Warfront, including Mine Mine Mine – watch the just released video for that track below!

Warfront delivers all the catchiness of mauls to the wall power metal, with the orchestral drama befitting an act so deeply inspired by the beloved works of Tolkien. Wind Rose have hammered out a setlist that will echo through the peaks of the highest mountains, and the darkest depths of the mosh pit. So sharpen your swords, polish your armour, swig your mead and most importantly, ready your shovels…

Wind Rose are casting their shadows over Australia and New Zealand!

10/05/24: Galatos, Auckland
11/05/24: Valhalla, Wellington
12/05/24: A Rolling Stone, Christchurch
14/05/24: The Triffid, Brisbane
16/05/24: Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide
17/05/24: The Basement, Canberra
18/05/24: Crowbar, Sydney
19/05/24: Max Watts, Melbourne