Tonight’s venue The Junction in Cambridge isn’t the largest of venues, so we were treated to two great performances that were up close and personal.

Burnt Out Wreck appeared as a four piece outfit for this performance, as with the two days notice they received, rhythm guitarist Miles Goodman was unable to make the gig.

Up stepped frontman Gary Moat, who, not wanting his band to be defeated by this, took on the task of guitarist and vocals.

After a technical hitch with his guitar, all went well. Gary’s vocals remained great, but you could tell there would have been more had he not also had the additional task of guitarist.

Each track received cheers and applause – Swallow and Pulling It Out being two of the favourites. Although is was a short set, it was heavy metal as it should be played – with a no nonsense rock n’roll attitude.

Y&T Burnt Out Wreck

During the brief interlude, the crowd waited, then the music started and on came Y&T. To loud screams and applause from the crowd, the band jumped straight into the first track.

We were then told that we were in for a long set and indeed we were – almost two hours of rock n’roll! That was just a start of the entertainment, as Y&T love to entertain!

There were the usual crowd pleasers such as Mean Streak and Rock & Roll’s Gonna Save the World, but the band responded to crowd requests too. Sometimes they played the whole track and other times, playing a snippet and telling the crowd that was enough!

There was also a guitar tech appearing onstage as an arab and glove puppets appearing to headbang at the side of the stage. Regular pepperings of picks for the crowd were received and we were treated to two drum solos in the middle of the set, while the rest of the band had a brief break.

This was Y&T, full on crowd entertainment with rock n’roll played at full throttle. Sadly, the nigh on two hour set all went too fast, but at least everybody left happy longing for their next performance.

Y&T Meniketti