It’s been nearly three years since darkwave-tinged death metal duo Aetherial have released new music and the outfit’s latest epic has certainly been worth the wait. Soulless, with it’s accompanying video encapsulates the best of the bands previous two albums to create a six minute wall of sound that is markedly different than both.

Featuring uplifting guitar lines and a sense of space, it’s a step away from the bands usual furious chaos; instead it’s a melodic slow burn, building in intensity and quiet rage. Soulless is beautiful, crushing devastation. The new track explores the notion of growing discontentment in society and recognition that true freedom and strength cannot be found in anyone or anything other than yourself.

The Soulless video was shot and produced locally by Aetherial and incorporates an ethereal lighting backdrop. The track was recorded by Aetherial and produced, mixed and mastered by Asher Ally.

Check Out the Soulless Video here!

Soulless releases on the longest night, The Winter Solstice June 22 and is available from the Aetherial website and all the usual online suspects.

About Aetherial:
Purveying a brutally fierce, crushing and relentless brand of death metal from Adelaide, Australia, Aetherial was formed in 2013 in Melbourne, Victoria. Aetherial forge a uniquely dark and devastating sound which combine formidable vocals, intense guitar riffs and grim harmonies. The band’s debut album, The Still Waters of Oblivion was independently released in 2015 with the follow up, Nameless Horrors releasing, again independently, October 23 2020.

Aetherial Is:
Shep Sheppard: Vocals/ Guitar/Drums
Cassandra George: Bass/Lyrics