After releasing a standout album in the shape of 2018 debut Cipher, sci-fi black metal band Imperialist are set to return this November with a brand new full length of soaring ambition and mesmerising music!

That new record, Zenith, sees the band delving fully into the sci-fi realm, stringing together longer, well-thought and fleshed out songs narrating the infinite appeal of the ever-mystifying cosmos. Having showcased a knack for infusing sharp thrash riffing and hooks into the bleak Dissection-esque black metal palette, Imperialist manage to take it to the next level on this album, aspiring for better scope and clutching on to the emotive stains inherent in the music lest it begins to get too mechanical, straying far away from the earthly confines.

Meticulously structured and carefully paced, the album pulsates like a luminous star, unleashing a plethora of unforgettable riffs with every song. Imperialist have never sounded more confident and mature, as they straddle calculated, sharp black metal music and the capacity to exude human sentience, taking forward the style into uncharted realms without losing the essence. They’ve crafted a masterpiece with Zenith, crossing thresholds of what this particular style is expected to contain.

Track listing:
The Maw
Parallax Descends
He Who Mastered Shapes
Majesty Of The Void
Terminal Odyssey
Beyond The Celestial Veil

Joshua Alvarez – Bass
Rod Quinones – Drums
Bryant Quinones – Guitars
Sergio Soto – Vocals, Guitars