Losing Connection is the just-released second single from the upcoming album from Finnish psychedelic folk-rock project Iterum Nata. Trench of Loneliness will be released on all relevant formats on February 10, 2023.

The project’s Jesse Heikkinen commented:”This was the first song I wrote for the album. I don’t arrange my songs in advance at all, but I instead like to see where the music takes me. In many ways, Losing Connection revealed to me the direction my new material was heading in. Everything except percussion and vocals were recorded in just one session. Losing Connection is for those poor souls who need to live their lives in constant agony. It’s a reminder that everything, even the pain, will eventually go away”.

Trench of Loneliness is the fourth album from Iterum Nata – a psychedelic folk-rock project by Finnish multi-instrumentalist Jesse Heikkinen, who is also active with The Abbey. While the music of Iterum Nata is occasionally upbeat, the general atmosphere has more in common with neo-folk than Jesse’s former band: Hexvessel, for whom he played lead guitar for five years. All aspects of Iterum Nata are profoundly inspired by the pagan worldview, esotericism, and the dark regions of the human mind; the result is something that could easily pass as the bastard offspring of Rome, Tenhi, Of the Wand & the Moon, Linda Perhacs, Espers, and early King Crimson.

The album was recorded at Studio Beyond North Star. With the exception of Hiski Pajuniemi’s appearance on tin whistle, Jesse handled everything – from the composition to tracking and mixing – entirely by himself.

The project was formed in 2017, following Jesse’s move from Oulu to Tampere. After years of playing other people’s music in various ensembles, all the while longing to write and perform his own material, he conceptualised and founded Iterum Nata. The band name is Latin for ‘born again’ and was chosen as a reference to how a person must always redefine himself – meaning, undergo a rebirth of sorts – in the wake of a powerful experience.

One year after the self-released eponymous debut from 2017 came The Course of Empire on Inverse Records. The second Iterum Nata album caught the eye of Finnish label Svart Records, and the critically acclaimed Bardo Disorder came out in 2020. Once Jesse had finished the material for the fourth record, he concluded that Nordvis was the perfect fit for his vision of Trench of Loneliness.