With a number of successful singles already released, British/Danish rock singer Michael Catton releases his debut solo album Point Of No Return on November 10, 2023 via Mighty Music. Catton’s album promises to deliver the energy and flamboyance of the eighties, with renowned producer and guitarist Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Electric Guitars) bringing a powerful and punchy production to this modern masterpiece of rock.

“This album has been growing inside of me for the past fifteen years, since I first got hooked on rock music as a teenager; the energy, the attitude, the bravado – all my influences rolled into a single album. I can’t wait to unleash it,” says Catton. As the frontman of Danish rock band Tainted Lady, Catton became widely recognised as the standout singer of the modern rock scene, being compared to the likes of Steven Tyler, Ian Gillan and Bruce Dickinson. “After Tainted Lady had split, I quickly realised that I had to make my own way as an artist. It was a heart-wrenching experience, but it gave me the space to find my own feet and the opportunity to work with some of the most experienced and talented musicians on the Danish rock scene”.

Having already collaborated with Catton, producing Tainted Lady’s widely acclaimed albums How The Mighty Have Fallen and Sounds Like Freedom // Feels Like War, Andersen is guitarist, producer and co-writer on the album. “There aren’t many Michael Cattons out there,” says Andersen. “He’s the whole package, and he knows it. That’s why I got hold of him as soon as I heard that Tainted Lady had split up. We dived straight into the songwriting and quickly had ten bangers ready. We attempted to keep the production as if we had tracked on tape in 1987 – not too many overdubs or Pro Tools tricks; just focusing on the songs, performance and lyrics, and I think it shows. I’m very proud of the result and I’m excited to see the reaction”.

Also co-writer on the album and playing keys is Michael’s brother Chris Catton (Boys From Heaven). “Music is what really brought us together growing up, and this was a fantastic opportunity to finally work on a project together.” The Catton brothers spent countless late nights in the Boys From Heaven frontman’s studio writing and recording demos, before recording the album in full with Andersen in the legendary Medley Studios in the heart of Copenhagen.

“The whole process unfolded while I was touring with my Guilty Pleasures trio consisting of myself, drummer Allan Tschicaja (Pretty Maids) and bassist Michael Gersdorff (Superfuzz)”, says Andersen. “It made perfect sense to record the album with them – there isn’t a rhythm section in all of Denmark that can match Tschicaja and Gersdorff”.

The style of hard rock that Catton embodies has slowly been on the rise in the past few years, and he has already made his mark with album features and live performances with the likes of Steel Panther and glam metal icon Kip Winger. “I was born in thenineties”, Catton declares. “I grew up after most of my favourite bands released their best material, and rock music has rarely hit those highs since. I wanted to make the album that I myself was longing to hear as a teenager. This is the album that has been missing from the record stores, the songs that have been missing from rock bar playlists, the passion that has been absent in so much music in recent years. With this album, I hope to carry the torch for the next generation of rock”.