Australian purveyors of caustic and slow-burning sludge, Sundowner, return with their second full-length album Lysergic Ritual, now set to be released on April 20th. The album sees the band continuing its heavy dirge of grim, feedback laden, nihilistic sludge first offered on their 2021 debut album Guns, Knives And Tyre Irons.

“Lysergic Ritual is the best representation we’ve put together of what Sundowner is; just dirty, noisy, heavy sludge.” Says the band.

“Having previously done everything on our own: recording/mixing/mastering etc, this time we decided to bring in Jason Fuller from Goatsound Studios to mix the album and Dav Byrne from Iridium Audio to master it, both based in Melbourne, Australia.”

Intoxicated, bluesy and corrosive riffs permeate the album from beginning to end, all mixed with an aggressive and intense mid-tempo swing and violent hardcore punk passages; for the burnt out and downtrodden.

Drawing on inspiration from the likes of: Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Buzzov-en, Weedeater and a slew of other miscreants, Sundowner play sludge intended for those set on personal annihilation to drop out of life and embrace the sacred ritual of the riff. It’s an uneasy listening for troubled times. will find the grooves irresistible.